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The Council

The council committee is the board of CDEF

方政 Zheng Fang
蔣亨蘭 Grace Wong
林牧晨 Mu Chen Lin
江波 Paul Kong
張志強 Charles Cheung
封從德 Congde Feng
何慧 Freeman Ho
賈育台 Yu-Tai Chia
成妮燕 Anna Ching
成佳燕 Mary Ching
任松林 George Ren
林劲鹏 Jingpeng Lin
成秋波 Qiubo Cheng
鄭雲 Yun Zheng
趙昕 Xin Zhao
李亞恬 Svata Lee
陳闖創 Chuangchuang Chen
李向陽 Xiangyang Li
趙常青 Changqing Zhao



The Council member with lifetime achievement

黃雨川 Frank K. Wong The Founder,Former Presisent (Deceased)
馬良駿 Anthony Ma Former Vice Presisent and Board Member(Deceased)
孫魯正 Jerry Sung The founding Member
成其林 Qilin Chen Former Board Member (Deceased)
葉國榮 Guorong Ye Former Board Member (Deceased)