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"Recovering Hong Kong, the era revolution" Anti-government violent crackdown

In February 2019, the Hong Kong Special Region Government promoted the draft amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (referred to as the " Regulations of Transferring to China"), which was called "filling the judicial loopholes" and actually cooperated with the Beijing authorities to change the status quo of Hong Kong's judicial independence and would be transferred who may difined as "break the Chinese law" Chinese and foreigners in Hong Kong to mainland China for trial. A series of large-scale protests were triggered.

Facing of public anxiety and anger gradually spreading and expanding, Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue refused to respond. On June 9th, 1.03 million large-scale demonstrations broke out. On June there were 16, 2 million people on the streets to protest. There were no leadership and organize spontaneously in this campaign.

As the protest continued, the Hong Kong police, under the command and support of the Hong Kong and Beijing authorities, took violent action to crackdown the demonstrators, which broken Hongkong law themselves. Tear gas bombs water guns, rubber bullets, bag bombs, batons and other weapons were used to clear the field and control the situation, hitting people indiscriminately. The police have been becoming more and more violent, even live ammunition. Many people died and hundreds of demonstrators were injured. Thousands of people were arrested for involvement in demonstrations and charged with assaulting police, illegal assembly and riots.

Because of the police violence, the protesters have gradually evolved into a violent anti-police actions to enable self-defense from peaceful parades. The demonstrators used a series of acts such as street marching, blocking roads, attacking buildings, destroying traffic signs, breaking glasses, singing, shouting, and smashing walls, "three strikes" (strikes, hartal, student strikes), suicides, etc. to protest the police violence. There have been protests in which peaceful demonstrations and brave wars have complemented each other. The confrontation has escalated. The people of Hong Kong are sincere and fearless. The slogans from " Anti Transferring to China" to "five major demands, indispensable" and "Recovering Hong Kong, Era revolution" are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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