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The Outstanding Contribution Prize for Democracy of China

- An annual international award in recognition of individuals and/or organizations have outstanding contributions of promoting the prosperity and progress of Chinese society for democracy, freedom and human rights, including cash bonus and metal. 


The nomination is open to public. The nominee list  is collected by the CDEF board from over 1000 individuals of all over the world. These individuals are often Chinese social workers and activists.


Reflecting the public nomination, the CDEF board then prepares a report and the list of preliminary candidates to the advisory committee. The final winners are selected directly from the vote of advisory committee. The individuals of the advisory committee are experts, academics, researchers and lawyers with high reputation in general public, along with the former prize owners. The CDEF board members do not have the selection voting rights.

Award Ceremony:

The winner of the prize is announced before the ceremony and presented in media. The ceremony is held in San Francisco bay area and open to pubic. Along with the ceremony, a recipient’s lecture and Chinese democracy conference are presented as well.