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CDEF has ongoing needs for volunteers both locally and globally to help promoting democracy, freedom and human rights for Chinese community. We are looking for designers, writers, translators, event coordinators and fundraiser in bay area and beyond. Email CDEFinfo@gmail.com with your resume and availabilities.  


Officers and Volunteers

方政 Zheng Fang President
林牧晨 Mu Chen Lin Secretory
江波 Paul Kong Financital Manager & Book Keeper
張志強 Charles Cheung Treasurer
丁毅 Yi Ding Senior Manager of Public Relations
賈育台 Yu-Tai Chia Chair, Panel Operation Committee
封从德 Congde Feng Technical Director
任松林 George Ren Software Engineer
林勁鵬 Jingpeng Lin Internal Communications
何慧 Freeman Ho Video Producer
成妮燕 Anna Ching Program Manager
成佳燕 Mery Ching Program Manager
肖國珍 Guozhen Xiao Advisor of China Human Right and Legalization
李亞恬 Sveta Lee President Assistant & Spokeswoman
張揚 Yang Zhang President Assistant & Website Manager
顾卫国 Steven Gu Director of International Affairs 
胡金煒 Jinwei Hu Specialist of Public Relations
李德鑫 Dexin Li Media Director
鄭雲 Yun Zheng Program Director



Former Presidents

黃雨川 Frank K. Wong Founder, Deceased
林牧晨 Mu Chen Lin  
周峰鎖 Fengsuo Zhou  
蔣亨蘭 Grace Wong  
馬良駿 Anthony Ma Deceased
賈育台 Yu-Tai Cha  
何惠 Freeman Ho  
杜维新 Weixing Tu